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Presentation documents

Mix of private sector and development communication approaches

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Innovative design

AIF Digital Guide

Changes in technology have transformed the publishing landscape and the ways we access and consume information.

This African Development Bank Publications Digital Guide highlights some of our key resources and provides easy and fast access to our online publications.

You can access and download these publications for FREE by scanning the QR code on the page.

Brand position

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Full brand charter

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Innovative event management

Brussel Airline Project Ghana

24 years ago our founder watched premium-class airline ticket holders enjoying the exclusivity and tranquility of their airport lounges, as he endured the chaos of the departure hall.
His answer was to create Priority Pass – a club that is simultaneously inclusive (affordable to all) and exclusively for those who value a little piece of civilization on their journey. In short, a place where you are always treated like No. 1, rather than part of the herd. Since 1992, several have tried to follow our lead. But our determination to remain the No.1 choice has driven unrivaled investment
in lounges, resources, processes, technology, and partnerships.

Public relations and political campaigns

Commune 2 Bamako

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Advertising Campaign

SIPRA Tweat restaurant 

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